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In today’s fast-paced environment, broadcast, media and entertainment companies need to assemble the most relevant digital assets as quickly as possible, streamline production costs and increase revenue opportunities. To boost productivity levels, staff members need to be able to rapidly preview, access, share, assemble and deliver programs to an always-increasing number of device platforms. Developed to solve those challenges, Tek4TV Solution is a business-centric Media Asset Management platform for managing assets, metadata, workflows and processes throughout the multimedia production and distribution chain.

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Our services

Tek4TV is a long-term partner to software companies in several industries, where video is critical to achieving success.


Playout systems, compliance recording, multichannel ingest, etc.


Live content production, cinema, video casinos.

Digital signage

Video displays and digital scoreboards.


Professional video security, remote monitoring.

Areas we have experience working in A trusted partner in video technology

We have over 10 years of experience in video playback and compression, playout & capture, chroma keying, closed captions, low-latency streaming and broadcast graphics.

Why to choose us

We are passionate about online video! Day in and day out we help our customers focus on using video to move their business in meaningful ways, whether that’s in broadcasting or publishing, marketing, or enterprise communications.


Video playback

Play all kinds of video files (synchronously, if you want) and network streams.

Video mixing

Arrange video streams in a multiview or picture-in-picture, or use transition effects.

Video ingest

Record live video input or network streams (in sync and into several formats).

GPU codecs

Use all the power of Intel's Quick Sync, AMD AMF, and Nvidia's NVENC for H.264 and H.265.

WebRTC streaming

Stream in low latency from app to browser, from browser to app and from app to app.

Broadcast graphics

Overlay text and graphics for channel branding and screen layout design.

DVB-compliant UDP streaming

Fit broadcast standards with our SDK.

Chroma keying

Add broadcast-quality green screen technology to empower your end users.

Some significant productions